Toyota Tacoma Seat Covers

Bartact seat covers provide the highest quality and most comfortable seating experience. Made from high-grade, durable materials, our seat covers fit perfectly over your existing seats to create a custom look and feel. Plus, they’re designed to be easy to clean and last for years. With our seat covers, you can keep your Tacoma looking new while enjoying maximum comfort every time you drive.

In addition to this, the PALS/MOLLE storage system used on Bartact seat covers provides unparalleled storage capacity for Toyota Tacomas that are typically lacking in space. Bartact created MOLLE Seat covers, and are the go-to choice for Department of Defense Special Operations units. In fact, Toyota Tacoma seat covers were the first seat covers purchased by the DOD from Bartact.

There have been many imitations, but nothing built with as high quality as Bartact.

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